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Where your woman's card is always accepted


I teach communication at the college level and several years ago, I started noticing the troubling way we talk to women, particularly young women.

It felt to me that when we talk to women about politics we talk in narrow terms or we are condescending to them.  I remember saying to a friend that it was like our culture thought it should provide simplified political information for women: Politics in Pink: What You and Your Lady Parts Need to Know this Election Season.  It was a snarky joke.  I make those.

But when Donald Trump suggested that Hillary Clinton was playing the “Woman’s Card,” it seemed me that it was time to talk back to the sexism.

I named the site Politics in Pink ironically.  We do not dumb down our discourse here. Politics in Pink is a political blog featuring smart political commentary.

I post my thoughts on the main blog, Think Pink.

But Politics in Pink also features the voices others: of feminists- old and young, gay and straight, male and female and everything in between.  My vision is for this site to serve as a location for conversation. You can find their thoughts in the Pink Parlour.

I teach at a woman-centered college.  I spend my days with smart young women, many of whom are just beginning to pay attention to politics.  This blog is for them.  I believe in them enough not to speak down to them.  I believe in them enough to feature their voices.

This blog is also for my daughter and my son. I want to foster their curiosity about and interest in the political world.  It is their future we are shaping.  This blog will also give them a voice.

Come and join the conversation.

Politically Yours,

Rachel Gans-Boriskin

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