Are you a woman confused by the complexity of politics?  Do all the big words used by politicians make your tiny brain hurt? Well, don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Politics in Pink is here to help provide you with simple easy to understand answers.
You Do elections really matter?
Politics in Pink: In a word: Yes.
You: Why?
Politics in Pink: Two words: Donald Trump
You: OK, but beyond that…
Politics in Pink:  Three words: The Supreme Courtsupreme court
Seriously– the next president of the United States may appoint as many as THREE supreme court justices. Justice Scalia died in February and Senate Republicans have steadfastly refused to even meet with President Obama’s nominee. They claim (here’s hoping) that they want the next president to appoint Scalia’s replacement.
Justice Ginsberg is 83. Justice Kennedy will be 80 in July. Justice Breyer is a spring chicken who will be turning 78 in August.
If you care about voting rights, the environment, campaign finance reform, unions and of course, abortion, you should care about this.
So– the question you need to ask yourself here is whether you want Donald Trump appointing 1/3 (or more) of the justices on the Supreme Court.
You:  Wow.  That IS scary.  Anything else?
Politics in Pink:  Yes, although Donald Trump and other Republicans might not believe this to be true, we women are more than our vaginas.  Although we are deeply concerned about legislation that limits our ability to access health care, earn equal pay and care for our families, we think about other issues as well. We care about immigration, education, national security, taxation, gun control, healthcare and the environment just to name a few policy areas. And the candidates hold wildly different positions on these issues (sometimes even disagreeing with themselves).
So, yes, this election matters.  In fact, all elections matter- and not just the national ones. We women need to vote in congressional and state elections too— but that’s another post.