Having a female presidential candidate is something I have been waiting for my entire life. I remember being in preschool and wondering why I had never heard of a woman being president. When I realized that there was no answer that reflected what my parents and the other important adults has instilled in me (girls can do anything that boys can do), I became furious and determined. My preschool teacher introduced me as the future first woman president at my preschool graduation and I was set on fulfilling her prediction.

Well, that dream died rather quickly, but the anger I felt about my home country never having a woman in charge stuck with me. Fast forward to today, where I am a graduate student, surrounded by far more women than men. Women are fast outpacing men in education. While this is not necessarily a good thing, particularly when thinking about pay inequality, lack of representation in positions of power, etc., it is empowering to know that we have risen so far when we were held back for so long. Having a female presidential nominee is a sign to me that says there is an end in sight to this gender inequality battle. Maybe it won’t come with her, but I see Hillary as empowering women globally and accelerating the glacial pace of change we experience in the U.S.