Do I love Hillary Clinton? Not exactly.  Do I think that there are others who may be better suited to the task of running a country? Yes.  But my feelings about Hillary Clinton as a person have nothing to do with my feelings about the long-overdue nomination of a female presidential candidate. Woman have fought for equality for so long, and we continue to fight to this day- from the right to own property, to the power to control our own money, to the right to vote, to equal pay, to reproductive rights, the list goes on. A woman now stands a very really chance of holding the highest, most powerful and influential office in the land.

In late 2008 I remember sitting in front of my TV, watching in awe and amazement as the first black President was elected.  I thought it was a clear sign of how far we had come as a nation, and proof of substantial and continuing forward progress. I wish I could say that I was completely right, but we all know the reality of the last eight years.

Still, now I have the opportunity to once again witness history, to watch in real-time, the election of the first female President. My daughter, a millennial and avid Bernie supporter, told me a few weeks ago “you only like Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman”. I explained that was not true at all. I’m not #TeamHillary because she is a woman, and I don’t believe anyone should vote for a candidate running for any office simply based on their gender. I support Hillary because the alternative, Donald Trump representing our country, is a prospect that keeps me awake at night, and makes me fearful for the future of a nation that is already in turmoil.