My birthday is the same as Susan B. Anthony. When I found this out, I was really excited about being born on a famous feminist’s birthday.  Susan B. Anthony fought for the 19th amendment that let women vote. She died before it was passed. But because of her, I get to vote and that is really nice that someone would fight for others they don’t even know.

I am kind of disappointed that there has never been a female president before.  It’s stupid because women should be treated the same as men. (Do men treat women badly because they can grow taller???!) Women would be great presidents and yet there have been none.  I can’t believe that there is finally an opportunity for a woman to be president- after 44 male presidents!

Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, would be a great president, not only because she is a woman, but because she is very smart (and she probably learned a couple things from watching Bill). If she wins the election, we will have our first female president.

That would be amazing.

If Hillary becomes president, my friend Anika has more of a chance of becoming president.  (I want to be an artist so I won’t be running for president anytime soon.)

So thank-you Susan B. Anthony and thank-you Hillary Clinton.