Donald Trump is right.  This election is being rigged- just not in the way he suggests.

Rich oligarchs are trying to impose their will on hard working Americans- but those oligarchs are Russian, not (just) American.

Powerful forces in the government are pulling strings to help a candidate- just not the one that Trump claims.

The media are easily manipulated, but by in large, it has not been Hillary Clinton who has benefited from that.

The fate of American democracy does hang in the balance this election, but the existential threat to it is not Hillary Clinton, but Donald Trump himself.

The Left has often scoffed at the Trump political organization- at the fact that it has been understaffed and too often run by neophytes.  But that was because the Left only saw the support that shows up on the payroll ledgers – a foolish oversight – especially given that Donald feels that actually paying employees and contractors is optional.

The Left missed that Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange, House Republicans and factions of the FBI were also working tirelessly on Trump’s behalf.

But make no mistake, those forces may be working for Trump, but more importantly, they are working against American interests.

No matter what your political beliefs, you should be appalled that a foreign government, criminals (yes- hackers are criminals) and members of our own government would collude to undermine the integrity of our electoral process.

So yes, Trump is right.  The election is being rigged.  But it’s being rigged by Trump, Putin, Wikileaks, the FBI.

And at the end of this, it’s not Hillary Clinton who should be locked up.