I’m on the Donald Trump diet. I’m losing weight.  I’m losing sleep.

I’m losing my country.

I don’t know what will happen on Tuesday (part of why I am having trouble sleeping).

But I know what has already happened.

I know that nearly half of my fellow-citizens have accepted, or at least made peace with, electing a race-baiting, xenophobic, misogynistic, dictator-loving, treasonous demagogue.

I know that the FBI has abandoned its mandate not to interfere with elections because a rogue faction within the bureau is so consumed with hatred of Hillary that is has put party over country.

I know that a 20-year war on fact has claimed its final victory in an election season in which the Republican candidate could lie so flagrantly and with such impunity because in the end his supporters, media cheerleaders, and even his reluctant Republican supporters, just didn’t care.

I know that bigotry has been so normalized that we don’t even notice the casual slurs and can only actually be shocked when the nominee brags about grabbing women by the pussy. And then, only briefly. (Because emails).

I know that lawmakers, sworn to uphold the constitution, buoyed by rabid mobs of supporters declare with pride that they will lock up their political opponent, use the FBI and Justice Departments as political weapons and vow not to perform their constitutional obligation of advising on and (yes) consenting to the nomination of Supreme Court Justices.

I know that these lawmakers would rather hobble the courts and the entire US government than concede that through democratic elections, more people preferred their opponent.

I know that one political party has already in essence seceded from the union, even while they say their opponents have committed treason

I am losing weight. I am losing sleep.  I am losing my country.