UPDATE: Later reports identified that the hold up was with the National Parks Service. The march has been granted a permit and will proceed.

Folks. Pay attention. This is it. The whole ballgame.

The Guardian reports that the Million Woman’s March will not be allowed to assemble at the Lincoln Memorial.  Or the National Mall. Or the Washington Monument. Or Pennsylvania Avenue.

Our voices will not echo as a clarion call to the conscience of America as Dr. King’s voice once did.

Our voices will be sequestered in “free speech zones.” (This is not new- just taken to a Trumpian level.)

Women’s Rights are not Human Rights in this administration.

And while we are talking about rights, don’t get used to them- especially the ones in the First Amendment.

With this latest move, it should be clear that the first casualty of the Trump Administration will be the First Amendment.

Freedom of Religion? Trump has never disavowed his campaign plan to register Muslims.

Freedom of Speech? Trump has shown his willingness to single out by name those who criticize him.  He may not make speech illegal- just so scary as to have a chilling effect on dissent.

Freedom of the Press? He’s limiting press access. He wants to “open up” libel laws. He singles out individual reporters, threatening their personal safety and professional role. He is even installing  Right Side Broadcasting in the Washington Press Corps to provide pro-Trump spin (because not even Fox news is as fawning as this president demands).

Freedom of Assembly? According to Trump, protests are unfair or rude.  Apparently it would also be unfair and rude for women to march in Washington on public property where millions of Americans have protested and exercised their Constitutional rights. Women in the Trump era should be neither seen nor heard.

Freedom to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances? How do you propose we do that when the first 4 elements have been undermined.

We must act now. We must resist.  If we do not, it will be too late.

Do not accept this.

Do not normalize this.

This is not normal.

This is the beginning of tyranny.