Observers have noted that Trump’s most outrageous actions and tweets seem to happen from sundown on Friday to sunset on Saturday- the hours of the Jewish Sabbath. This is of course noteworthy because these are the hours when the orthodox Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are not around to control the outbursts of the President.

Ivanka & Jared observe the Sabbath and as such do not engage in work or turn on electricity or drive cars on Saturday.  They retreat for a day of rest and contemplation of the sacred.

I would thus like to address them- one Jew to another.

Dear Ivanka & Jared, 

I know you are observant Jews and that you honor the Sabbath. You are shomer shabbat (keepers of the Sabbath) and your commitment to the traditions of our people is to be commended.

I also know that, though we do not agree on most things, you hold an important role in your father/father-in-law’s administration and you seem to be a moderating force on his temper and tweets.

It is for this reason, that I and all other thoughtful and concerned Americans must beg you to break the Sabbath and remain by President Trump’s side at all times.

God will forgive you. In fact, by the laws of our faith, he demands it of you. 

You are, of course, familiar with the concept of pikuach nefesh– the principle of the Jewish faith that requires the breaking of the Sabbath to save a human life. Indeed, you asked for special dispensation to ride in a car on Sabbath at the inauguration citing this principle.

You were willing to break the Sabbath in order to potentially save your own lives.

I ask now that you invoke this principle in order to potentially save the lives of others.

Whether you wish to admit it publicly or not, you know that your father/father-in-law is easily angered and provoked. You know that, when not calmed by you, he behaves rashly.

We need only look at this behavior on Friday nights to Saturdays to see that without your supervision he falls under the influence of the dangerous and anti-Semitic Bannon (yes- he is and you know it.)

You see that he tweets damaging and untrue things over the weekend- undermining his own administration and the credibility of the US government here and abroad.

This is dangerous. Somehow, your father/father-in-law has access to the nuclear codes. He is the Commander and Chief of the armed forces. He is President of the most powerful nation on earth and yet he is easily provoked by actresses, comedians, the media, individual citizens and other branches of government performing their constitutional responsibilities.

How long before he tweets us into an international crisis or incites others to act in violence (something he seems already to have done)?  

I beg you to invoke pikuach nefesh and break the Sabbath for the good of the country.

Sure- it will be tough on you not to have a rest during however long your father/father-in-law remains in office, but we are all suffering under this administration. You must do your patriotic duty and protect this country and the world from his erratic behavior lest he tweet us into nuclear war, conventional war or simply war crimes .

Pikuach Nefesh is a principle of morality in our faith. I know you take your faith seriously.

Now is your opportunity to show that you understand what it means to be a member of the “Chosen People”; that it is a call of responsibility, duty and decency.

Honor your faith, your God and humanity by breaking the Sabbath.

Invoke pikuach nefesh. 

Break the Sabbath and save the world.

Yours in Shalom (peace),

A frightened member of the tribe