I often write as a democrat/liberal/woman. But this evening I am writing only as an American- without any hyphens. Just an American. I love my country. With all of its flaws, I still believe in the power of the American idea & the goal of making it a more perfect union

My grandfather was a devout democrat. Living in DC, he had friends on both sides of the aisle. He defended people against Truman ‘s loyalty boards and McCarthy’s accusations. (My grandfather never called it a witch hunt because he said, there was no such thing as witches but that Russian spies did exist).

My grandfather never questioned the patriotism of his Republican friends and hated when Republicans doubted his patriotism & that of other democrats. I grew up with his idealism about the US, his Democratic values, AND his belief that Republicans are patriots  who simply have a different vision for the US.

I hated George Bush (and loathed Ronald Reagan), but I never doubted that they loved this country- however misguided/dangerous I thought their policies and actions.

With this as my upbringing and world view, I find myself devastated by what I see today: evidence that many of the leaders of the Republican party are traitors. I can understand Paul Manafort et al and even Trump. They’re grifters/ mobsters- as happy to betray their country as to stiff a contractor

But Ryan & McConnell? The House GOP & Senate Republicans? They swore an OATH to the United States. And it didn’t matter to them. They knew (particularly party leadership) about the #TrumpRussia connection before the election and they not only said NOTHING, they ACTIVELY suppressed the information.

They KNEW trump changed THEIR party platform to please RUSSIA. And they did nothing. After the election, they heard the Intelligence community consensus about #RussianInterference and yet they condoned an assault on our intelligence services.

They have looked the other way as Trump flagrantly flaunts his relationship with Putin and destroys our relationships with NATO allies.

And for what? They do this for power. For tax cuts. For a judiciary they want.  They certainly aren’t doing it because they think it’s right. No honest person believes that if Hillary Clinton were in office and this evidence was against her, that she wouldn’t have been impeached already (or worse given the rhetoric lobbed against her in the campaign and even after).

It has become trite to say that Republicans put party over country. But let’s be honest what that means in this case. They committed or tolerated #TREASON against the United States of America in order to gain power.

They betrayed their country. And as an AMERICAN, I am heartbroken.

I believe that our country is actually served when competing sides with competing  visions debate. I want to believe that my political opponents want what is best for the country but just disagree with me on the way to get there. Of course, that has been harder as the right has taken such a hard turn towards fundamentalism with a creeping corporate cruelty.

Still, even with the increasingly right wing radical agenda of the Republican party,  I thought they loved this country. I don’t believe that anymore.

I think they are traitors. I think they gave aid and comfort to the enemy for personal and political gain. I think they sold out America. I think they betrayed their oaths of office. I think THEY betrayed & dishonored the military and defiled the flag.

I think the GOP betrayed my grandfather and my children and I am angry and heartbroken for all of us. And it kills me that they have poisoned so many Americans with their treasonous lies. Trump has a 79% approval rating among Republicans. Some of them may simply not believe that #collusion existed. But rising support for PUTIN among rank and file Republicans shows something more troubling

Somehow, the #TreasonWeasels at the top of the ticket & those in control of the party have managed to claim that treason with Russia is AMERICAN! I’m not sure how we recover. But we better figure it out before we have to start saying things are as American as vodka.