With Hillary Clinton’s nomination for Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, I am filled with a quiet recognition that must be awe.  So many women and men have struggled for so many years for this moment.  Like her or dislike her, she has set the tone for women of a certain age and should inspire younger women as well.  She has gone her own way, used her considerable talents in many forums, stepped forward toward challenges, stepped back to work behind the scenes.  She has been tested in the unforgiving glare of scandals both real and imagined.  She has always been the one who did the work, collaborated whenever possible and kept going with tremendous energy.  She created her own path.

She has re-imagined herself many times and we have done so along with her.  Now she brings into focus our deep dreams of recognition for the work women in all walks of life have always done.  I, like Hillary, am no longer young.  I, like she, want a world where our realities are equal, our talents are freed and our voices call forth for a nurturing, realistic and sustainable path for our world.