who_lies_more“I can’t vote for Hillary.  She’s a liar.”  I’ve heard that a lot lately.  It’s the line in the sand people draw.  How can you vote for someone who is fundamentally dishonest? But she isn’t- not any more than other politicians (a whole other problem).

If you feel Hillary is untrustworthy, and many good people do, look at this chart and ask yourself why.

Trump lies reflexively and constantly (in ways that defraud people) and yet Hillary is the liar? Hillary is second to the bottom on the chart. The charge that Hillary is a liar is part of the BS narrative that the right has pushed and the media have perpetuated for over 20 years.

It is at the heart of endless investigations that serve to perpetuate the perception of her as untrustworthy.  But none of those investigations ever resulted in charges.  They have shown her to be careless and at times cavalier.  But I am certain we would find similar results from most politicians- it’s just that no one has made a cottage industry of investigating them 24/7.

If you don’t like Hillary, that’s fine. But think about why you feel that way. If it comes down to a basic feeling that she is untrustworthy, it’s worth reconsidering. There are 18 people on this chart who deserve that label more than she does. If you don’t feel that way about them, you have fallen victim to some of their lies.