What will it take for Republicans to have their Army-McCarthy hearings moment? What could Trump possibly do that would make them proclaim, “At long last, have you no sense of decency?

Apparently we haven’t reached that moment.

Are Republicans angry about Trump’s remarks? Are they offended? Are they disgusted? Of course they are.

Are Republicans willing to denounce these kinds of vile statements and sentiments? Of course they are. 

Are Republicans willing to denounce Donald Trump the man and presidential candidate? Are they willing to walk away from him? Of course they’re not.

Although there have been some defectors (and the number is growing by the hour), the GOP establishment is unwilling to walk away. Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell and  Paul Ryan will not condemn the man.

If you read their statements, it easy to get caught up by their condemnations of Trump’s comments.  But it is noteworthy that they are NOT withdrawing support for him candidate.


That is horrifying. But at the same time, it is not surprising. Donald Trump’s words are clearly disqualifying for the office of the Presidency.   But, actually, pretty much all of his words this election season have been disqualifying.

Although I am pleased to see the GOP condemn Trump’s comments, I am appalled that so many of them have been unwilling to condemn his attacks on Muslims, immigrants, women, our Constitution and our national security up until this point.

That the GOP is still not ready to walk away from Trump says as much about them as it does about him at this point. Their moral cowardice is unparalleled.  They do not deserve your respect or your vote.