Trump’s words at the second presidential debate were boorish, offensive and gross. But his body language was downright menacing.

Trump paced around the stage, lurked behind and loomed over Hillary.  When not interrupting Hillary or threatening to have her imprisoned, he attempted to dominate her with his physical presence.

Women watching last night recognized his behavior immediately.

We saw Trump’s physical posture and recalled the male colleague who used his larger physical frame to intimidate.

We saw Trump lurking just behind her and remembered being followed by a man into a parking garage and our fear as  we fumbled for keys or the panic button (will he? won’t he? am I paranoid?).

We saw Trump’s anger growing as he paced the stage and thought about the guy we rejected and wondered whether he was going to hit us.

Donald Trump was told to apologize for what he said in that 2005 tape (as if he never did any of those things!) and he grudgingly did so. But everything about his physical presence last night showed him to be the sexual predator that he revealed himself to be on that tape.

If the first debate was all about the split screen, the second was all about the stage. His physical presence on that stage told a story that too many women have heard and lived before and far too many of us are trying to forget.