Congratulations, GOP.  The party of Reagan has embraced the evil empire, electing as your standard barer, the choice of Vladimir Putin.

Putin, of course, was the head of the FSB, and before that an officer in KGB. While working for the KGB, he burned intelligence files as the Berlin Wall fell, so as to prevent protesters fighting for Democracy from learning Soviet secrets.

That’s right. You have elected Putin’s puppet.

You have embraced treason as a political strategy- as long as it it helps your side.

Your rank and file now embrace Putin because he helped you win, thus giving a new meaning to living in a “Red State.”

After years of calling Democrats socialists and communists to impugn our patriotism, you have turned the White House into the Western outpost of the Kremlin.

You have sacrificed country, honor and truth on the alter of power.

That you remain silent, shows you have no courage.

It makes you complicit.

There is now only one party in the United States that represent the interests of America.

Reagan is rolling in his grave that it is not his.