Buzzfeed’s publication of an unverified report that alleges that President Elect Donald Trump enjoys the occasional Golden Shower from Russian prostitutes (so long as it is also an insult to the President and First Lady of the United States) provides a perfect opportunity to make a list of things I never want to hear again from Republicans.

  1. I never want to hear you say that you are the party of family values.  You elected a man whose only fidelity is to himself and his bank account. He has 5 children with 3 women. He has admitted to sexually assaulting women– at least one of whom was married to someone else.  He owns casinos. He leers at young women– including his own daughter. He apparently frequents prostitutes and is generally a vile, boorish man.  He is YOUR standard bearer.  He has no values. Neither do you.
  2. I never want to hear you say that you are the party of fiscal conservatism. You care about deficits only when Democrats are in office. Your “freedom” caucus has railed against the deficit for years- screaming that it will leave an unbearable burden for our children and grandchildren.  But the moment a Republican is in office, the deficit doesn’t matter.  You balloon the deficits with tax breaks for the wealthy, while cutting services for the poor (see George W. Bush).  Your first order of business when you arrived this year is it to take away healthcare from millions of Americans and in so doing- you will explode the deficit.  Your answer to this is not even to propose cuts.  You simply want to bar anyone (or specifically the Congressional Budget Office) from talking about the fiscal hole your policies create.
  3. I never want to hear that you are the party of national security.  After years of endless investigations into Benghazi- you return to power and threaten to cut funding to ALL US embassies if Trump does not move the US embassy to Jerusalem (an incendiary move that both Republican and Democratic administrations have avoided).  After years of speaking about how weak Obama has been, you embrace Putin- installing his choice in the White House and shrugging off treason as if it was nothing.
  4. I never want to hear you say that you are a party of ethics (though to be fair- you mostly just decry Democrats’ ethical lapses, never really claiming you are ethical). After going on and on about Hillary Clinton’s corruption, chanting “lock her up” and screaming about the conflicts of interest at the Clinton Foundation, you elected a man who has drained the swamp directly into his cabinet. And how did you respond to his elevation of the very lobbyists and insiders he vowed to banish? Congressional Republicans attempted to strip the Office of Congressional Ethics of its independence and power to investigate ethical violations.  You are corrupt and rotten to the core. Trump, in bed with the Russian mob, will turn our ailing Democracy into a thriving Kleptocracy. And you will cheer, because you never really cared about ethics anyway.
  5. And lastly, I NEVER want to hear you say anything about Hillary Clinton ever again. When Democrats point out the lies and crimes of YOUR elected officials, you do not get to answer with “But Hillary..” This is yours.  The crimes you imagine Clinton committed or would have committed do not matter anymore. You won. You wanted the power. You got it. With it, you also got the responsibility. You must now own your failures and failings. This is not about Hillary (or Obama.)  This is all about you.