Yesterday, I failed to take my own warning.  Yesterday, I foolishly dared to be hopeful.

Buoyed by the Resistance’s success combating Republican treachery  over the Office of Congressional Ethics, I believed it was possible to combat this administration. I believed that it might be possible to pressure and shame GOP lawmakers. I saw signs that the Republican coalition  was fracturing and hoped that maybe, just maybe, enough of them would recognize the seriousness of their responsibility to govern and live up to that responsibility.

I dared to hope that self-interest (as opposed to honor or decency or patriotism) would compel them to limit the power of Trump.

I was wrong.

All that glitters is not gold.

They are as corrupt, spineless and deceitful as ever. Under cover of night (at 1 am), they began the process of repealing Obamacare without a replacement.

In so doing, Republicans will kick millions of Americans off of health insurance- leaving them vulnerable to avoidable bankruptcy, illness and death.

Republicans risked the lives and support of their own constituents for an action that is actually wildly unpopular.

They yielded to their new king.

Do not look to the GOP for salvation. They will not save our democracy. They apparently won’t even save themselves.